What is it about?

  • Includes seafood, and excludes other animals.
  • fish and/or shellfish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs and dairy.
  • pescetarian diet is sometimes seen as an interim in a period of transition from a Western pattern diet to a vegan or vegetarian diet


  • Western countries found that in comparison with regular meat eaters, mortality from ischemic heart disease was 34% lower in pescetarians, 34% lower in vegetarians, 26% lower in vegans and 20% lower in occasional meat eaters.[9]
  • It should come as no surprise that vegetarians have stronger immune systems than do meat-eaters. Studies of white blood cell samples from vegetarians have shown them to have more than double the cancer cell-destroying ability of their non-vegetarian counterparts. The immune-boosting power of vegetarian diets is partly due to their vitamin content, their low fat content, and perhaps other contributors, such as reduced exposure to toxic chemicals and animal proteins.


  • Although vegetable oils are far superior to animal fats for heart patients, when it comes to the immune system, vegetable oils are no better than animal fats. In experiments, researchers have found that when they infuse soybean oil intravenously into volunteers, their white blood cells no longer work as well, and test-tube experiments show similar results.
  • Likewise, omega 3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oils, green vegetables, and soybean, flax seed, and canola oils, also compromise immune function. The bottom line on fats and oils is to greatly reduce your intake of all of them.


This is a list of notable people who are known to be pescetarians or were pescetarians.

  • Nicole Anderson[15]
  • Mira Aroyo[16]
  • Kari Byron[17]
  • Tracy Chapman[18]
  • Parvesh Cheena[19]
  • Bill Clinton[20][nb 1]
  • Common[21]
  • Ted Danson[22]
  • Alan Davies[23][24]
  • Wendy van Dijk[25]
  • David Duchovny[26]
  • Susie Essman[27]
  • Johnny Galecki[28][29]
  • Ben Gibbard[30]
  • Ariana Grande[31]
  • Lee Hyori[32]
  • Steve Jobs[33]
  • Lousewies van der Laan[34]
  • Harvey Levin[35]
  • Dannii Minogue[36]
  • Mary Tyler Moore[37]
  • Conor Oberst[38]
  • Amanda Palmer[39]
  • Andy Serkis[40][41]
  • Queen Sofía of Spain[42]
  • Hal Sparks[43]
  • Hayley Westenra (former)[44]

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