Hello world!

So you’re thinking of going vegan?

Well congratulations, you have just taken the first step
on an epic undertaking!

People go vegan for a variety of reasons:

Some feel that animals as living things should not be eaten as food.

Others do it for the environment. Indeed, agriculure uses 23 percent
of the world’s land, and is responsible for 14 percent of greenhouse

Yet others do it for their religion, which might advocate compassion
and kindness to animals.

For whatever the reason, veganism as a lifestyle choice will not be

So give yourself a pat on the back, for you’ve come to the right place to take your first
baby steps into a new lifestyle!

By definition, vegans practice the elimination of the use of non-human animal products.
Some apply this to their diet only, still others apply this rule of thumb to all items they use
in their daily lives, right down to shampoos and hairbrushes.

Here at * website name * we believe that proper planning prevents poor performance.
Taking a long, hard look at the risks involved in living a vegan lifestyle will make your
transition a smooth and pleasant one. You might want to take a look at our Risks section
of the website before continuing. * add hyperlink*

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As the risk bar suggests, vegans, out of all the other vegetarians we have looked at on this
website, face the most risk in terms of the change to their diets and lifestyle.

Removing meat from a person’s diet will remove his main source of proteins, the
building blocks of muscles as well as other essentials synthesized chemicals that our bodies
require to function. Vegans will also be at risk of iron-deficiency, the root cause of anemia.

Other nutrients you will have to take note of will be Vitamins B12 and D, iodine, calcium
and choline.

Don’t fret!

*insert website name* has a comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals you might want to
pay special attention to, as well as a list of their vegan-friendly sources.

*link to that page*

Vegans might also find this updated version of the standard food pyramid useful:


As vegans, you might also choose to exclude certain products from your lifestyle as they
may contain animal-based products. These products are as far-ranging as the shampoo you
use, to the wine you drink.

* add list *

Many an animal-based product can be found masquerading in ingredients lists on our daily
necessities. Here at * website name*, we’ve compiled a list of absolutely non-vegan-friendly
compounds and substances you should keep your eyes on the prowl for.

* list *


Going vegan is the riskiest and most life-changing vegetarian lifestyle you can adopt.
Many a vegan has reverted from this lifestyle change just because they did not have the
prior knowledge you have found here at * website name * and the support they needed
to see the change through.

Familial support can be your number one asset into going into a vegan lifestyle.
Invite a friend or family member to join you, talk about your choice with the people you live
with, because, ultimately, a change to your life will cause a change in theirs as well.
* summarise from living-vegan blog*

From your friends at * website name *, we wish you the best of health and happiness
from your choice to go vegan!